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About Us

As a brand and company NOIR has a vision. Our vision as a brand it is to create and finish entire projects not just custom designs, but to be there through the process of building and finishing. As a company NOIR has a vision to empower customer ideas and generate their satisfaction. Our target is to separate ourselves from any competition and to be grounded in creating truly unique projects. Being the manufacturer of our products, we have the capacity to deliver the most customized of needs from design through to furnishing your home.

NOIR has a goal and target as a distributor and retailer of construction furnishing Products; we plan to offer into the bath, kitchen and flooring market. With this as well as plans in process, NOIR expects on expanding 5 locations by the years end. By 2020 our product line will expand into complete home furnishing including furniture and expansion will continue to reach nationally in 2020.

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Design at Noir will create effectively-designed products, services, that will enhance your quality of life and provide organizational success. Our design services include:

– Office & Spa, Retail & Restaurant Design
– Floor Plan & Elevation Drawings
– 3D Rendering For Interior & Exterior
– Product Design


Our products include a wide range, designed specially keeping in mind the user ability and the trending design for the required purpose.

– Distribution & Wholesale of Construction Furnishing
– Specialize in Large Format Tile
– Unique NOIR Branded Proprietary Products

Project Management

Project Management is the application of processing the methods & knowledge to experience, achieve the project objectives. Our services for Project Management are

– Electrical, HVAC & Plumbing
– Residential & Commercial Construction
– Construction Management, Budgeting & Planning


Interior & Exterior Signage, Digital Signage & Large Format Print/ Custom Millwork (Vanities & Kitchen)/ Custom Product Manufacturing


Turn-key services from locating key properties on & off the market, ROI breakdown of investment capital, permit fees, construction costs & projected resale value, Financing through private or bank, Resell of completed projects

Permit Applications

Architectural Drawings & Site Plan Approval/ Structural Drawings/ Mechanical Drawings/ Plumbing Drawings/ Electrical Drawings/ Building Permits